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Bally Chohan Laundry

Everyone has desire to wear dirt free clothes without stains and with complete whiteness but nobody seems to be interested in washing these clothes. Bally Chohan Laundry is designed to help you in dealing with this task. No need to waste your time in washing and ironing.

Just trust us, call us and we will be at your doorsteps to pick and deliver your cloths after cleaning and ironing. We cater to all your laundry related needs and offer the best services. You will get your washed clothes along with proper ironing in just 24 hours. Your time consuming task would be now much simpler. We use quality detergents along with some natural things like vinegar, bleaching powder just to make sure that your clothes would smell nice and foul smell would be out of your clothes. We provide you cost effective services that you are easily affordable but if you want to take advantage of laundry app then you have to pay some more as our service providers would take your dirty clothes from home and even deliver you clean clothes at your home even within 24 hours.

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